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Office of
Judicial Programs

The Office of Judicial Programs is responsible for the enforcement of policies and procedures, which help protect the rights, health, and safety of all members of the community at Central Connecticut State University.

The client needed a new, updated pamphlet to hand out to students that visited their office. The pamphlet needed to inform students of their rights, consequences, and other information in an organized, straight-forward manner. Offenders and victims would be recipients of the pamphlet.

Through group meetings with the client, my colleagues and I helped condense and organize the information. The result was the clear and consice copy that went into the pamphlet. The copy is organized logically with sections being defined by color and bold headers. The pamphlet used one PMS color and black.


Office of Judicial Programs, CCSU

Project Details

Pamphlet design


QuarkXPress and Illustrator


October 2005

Cover and inside Back and panel

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