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Green Pie, Inc.

Green Pie, Inc., a company based in Switzerland, opened a new sales and distribution company in the United States. The strength of their business is attributed to the use of organic ingredients.

The client's goals included logo and package design for its three single-serve pies. The pies, made from natural ingredients, were to be distributed in natural food stores in the U.S. The target market for the product was young, well-educated adult consumers. The design was to suggest elements of Swiss design. The packaging had required that it show concern for the environment.

To keep costs low the packaging was designed using three PMS colors and black. The use of color not only makes the flavors easily identifiable, but also assists in the branding of the pies. The packaging relies soley on cardboard manufactured of 100% recycled paper to keep it environmentally friendly.

Note: This was a college course assignment.


Green Pie, Inc.

Project Details

Brand identity, logo design, package design


Photography, Photoshop and Illustrator


December 2004

Sour Cream Apple Sour Cream Apple Lemon Mousse Chocolate Mocha Truffle

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