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American Public Health Association - Eggs

The American Public Health Association is an organization of public health professionals that aim to improve and protect the health of Americans and their communities.

With the recent discovery that eggs actually provide numerous health benefits when consumed in appropriate quantities, APHA wished to launch a campaign to communicate this message to the public. APHA's target market for this campaign in particular was men, ages 18 to 40. The message had to highlight benefits provided by eggs thereby promoting the consumption of eggs and elimating prior notions that eggs are bad for your health.

The design solution uses sex appeal to grab the interest of men between 18 and 40 years of age. A clever, suggestive tagline was crafted. The concept behind the imagery and the factual information provided supports the tagline.

Note: This was a college course assignment.


American Public Health Association

Project Details

Five-part promotional campaign. Magazine Ads, Billboard, and TV commercial


Photoshop and Illustrator


November 2005

Magazine spread Full-page magazine ad Magazine spread Billboard advertisement TV commercial

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